The ABRSM have produced CDs of the complete syllabus for trumpet.
22 August 2010

Paul and Helen perform Greensleeves
Paul and Helen Reid (piano) have recorded the entire syllabus for the ABRSM trumpet examinations over two days. These CDs include the entire repertoire from Grade 3 to Grade 8
ABRSM supports and encourages music learning throughout the world. The aim is to motivate musical achievement through the authoritative assessment of students, the professional development of their teachers, and a wide range of published resources. The ABRSM also actively supports music education through funding and advocacy.

Delivering authoritative assessments
ABRSM is the leading authority on musical assessment. By delivering the exams rigorously and consistently they set a worldwide gold standard, with over 600,000 people, in over 90 countries, choosing to take them every year.

It also provides a rich resource of materials, from albums of repertoire for the earliest stages of learning to scholarly editions of the great composers. Online presence includes SoundJunction, the award-winning site for music learners.

For over 120 years the ABRSM has provided charitable donations, scholarships and sponsorships, as well as acting as an advocate for music education.
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Regent Brass London & Southern Counties Regional Contest
March 17 - Stevenage
The National Brass Band Championships, which have existed since 1945 in their current format, are sp
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