An Exciting Visit to Bytom Music School
4 April 2016

Thomas Slusarszyk

Paul and Arek Garus
I'll be teaching and performing at Bytom Music School, Poland. April 4-6 2016 alongside trumpeters Thomas Slusarszyk and Arek Garus The school is one of twenty fours arts schools in Upper Silesia.
The school was founded in 1954 and although the emphasis is on instrumental tuition the school offers educational opportunities to non-musicians.

Students are offered tuition in the following specialisations:
piano, harpsichord, accordion, stringed instruments, guitar, harp, wind, brass, percussion and theory of music.

Instrumental classes are organised in groups and on a one-to-one basis culminating in diploma examinations entitling graduates to move forward to university. Students also enjoy plenty of opportunity to develop their skills in a variety of ensembles and choirs at school which include:

* Choir of the primary school
* Girl's Choir of the junior school
* Girl's Choir of the senior school
* Chamber Choir
* Children�s Symphonic Orchestra
* Polish Youth Symphonic Orchestra

Other instrumental groups include:
* String orchestra
* Wind orchestra
* Flute ensemble
* Guitar ensemble
* Drum Band

The Music School in Bytom is one of the finest schools in Poland and is proud of its emphasis on music. The school's ethos is that music stimulates intellectual development, affirms a greater sensitivity to the arts and has a positive impact on academic achievement.

Bytom Music School participates in many events held by the Centre for Artistic Education, the Municipality of Bytom and other educational centres in Poland. These include students exchange programmes, a wide range of concerts in Bytom and other Polish cities and towns (e.g. Warsaw Philharmonic, Silesian Philharmonic, Katowice, concerts with winners of the Silesian Piano Contest,and abroad e.g. Germany, Turkey, Denmark and Austria

For many years the Music School has been conducting a wide range of music programmes for nearby pre-schools with over thousand children taking part every year. The school also cooperates with other schools, museums and cultural as part of an active outreach programme.
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