An Open Letter to Nicky Morgan, Education Minister
12 July 2014

Sadly, not all our politicians value the benefits that an arts education can bring. This is my response to her claim that an studying an arts degree brings disadvantage to young people in the UK
"The Education Secretary says that too many teenagers are making GCSE and A-level course choices at school that ultimately hold them back for the rest of their life"

Dear Nicky Morgan
Education Secretary

For those of us involved in the arts your statements concerning the value of choosing a career in arts and humanities have come as a shock. To say to young people that these subjects, if studied to degree level, will hold them back and restrict their future career path is misguided and extremely misleading. I think you are wise to highlight the importance and value of physical sciences, engineering and technology degrees but surely not at the expense of age-old disciplines such as Classics, Languages, History, Literature, Music, Theatre, Dance, Philosophy and, of course, your own area of specialism, Law.

Please allow me to offer a personal perspective on why I would wish you to reconsider your view. I am sure my story can be echoed by countless other poor souls who, as a result of a lifetime of study, thought and consideration within the area of arts and humanities, have been 'held back' or 'disadvantaged' by their choice of career...

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