Brass Monkey at Kings Place, London
17 June 2011

Brass Monkey: Live at Kings Place
Early June 2011 saw Brass Monkey come to London's newest and brightest concert hall, Kings Place, where it performed to a full house of devoted supporters.
Brass Monkey � the five-piece band that started in 1980, sputtered to a halt in 1987, and burst back onto the scene with renewed vigour in 1997. The group has a unique sound, nobody else remotely resembles them with every live appearance a wonderful evocation of traditional English folk music and every new recording greeted with renewed appreciation.

This concert saw Paul teaming up with Roger Williams, who has already proved his insanity by tripping effortlessly through the fastest of tunes on the bass trombone, Martin Brinsford adding a sweetness or punch on his mouth-organ as required and Martin Carthy and John Kirkpatrick, naturally locking into one another's playing with an ease and precision that can only come of playing together for over thirty years. Sharing the vocals, and sometimes singing together in unison, they bring the fruits of years of experience to this band with an explosive freshness that is clearly driven by the excitement they all feel by playing together.

Martin Carthy � vocals, guitar, mandolin
John Kirkpatrick � vocals, button accordion, anglo concertina, melodeon
Martin Brinsford � mouth-organ, saxophone, percussion
Roger Williams � bass trombone, tuba, euphonium
Paul Archibald � trumpet, piccolo trumpet, flugel horn
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