Brass Band Boot Camp June 6-8 2014
6 June 2014

I'm really looking forward to working with some wonderful players and teachers at our next English Brass Academy course: a 'Back to Basics' Brass Band Boot Camp being held at Putney High School June 6-8 2014.
These players are really at the top of their game and I'm delighted that they have agreed to share their knowledge and experience.

Vickie Curran (Richmond Music Trust)
Sheona White (Brighouse and Rastrick)
David Thornton (Brighouse and Rastrick)
Emily White (trombone)
Edd Leech (tuba)
Andy Evans (performance psychologist)

This will be a wonderful opportunity to meet and work with these world class musicians and to learn more about their strategies and methods. The weekend will focus on key areas of brass playing and will get to the heart of how to improve your playing and how to manage the stresses of performance anxiety.

It will be a superb course, a unique opportunity and a great way to meet like-minded musicians in a supportive and understanding environment.

More details at:

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