Isla Verde Bronces 2012 - Festival of Brass, Isla Verde, Argentina
28 February 2012

I am delighted to be a guest artist at Isla Verde Bronces International Brass Festival. The Festival transforms the small town of Isla Verde in Argentina into a stimulating meeting point for musicians of different nationalities.
For one week instrumentalists of all ages attend classes and perform chamber music. Social activities, such as a traditional Argentine barbecue, are also an important part of the life of the festival.

The 6th International Brass Festival: Isla Verde Bronces will be held in Cordoba, Argentina from February 2-11, 2012. This year's artist faculty include:

Ronald Romm trumpet
Paul Archibald trumpet
Frank Lloyd horn
Jacques Mauger trombone
John Manning tuba
Pierre Badel trumpet
Carlos Ovejero trombone
Hugo Migliore euphonium
Lucia Zicos conductor
Avis Romm piano

Isla Verde Brass Festival is organized by the Mutual Association Music Club of Isla Verde which is a nonprofit association whose objective is the development of education and culture in Argentina. The Association's mission is to provide high quality education, music and entertainment enriching the cultural life of the country.

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