Works by Jonathan Harvey inc. Other Presences for trumpet & quadraphonic tape-delay system
11 October 2011

Bird Concerto with Pianosong Hid�ki Nagano piano David Atherton conductor London Sinfonietta Ricercare una Melodia for oboe Other Presences for trumpet and quadraphonic tape-delay system Ricercare una Melodia for cello
Bird Concerto - Harvey's hommage to Messiaen - is a celebration of the kind of technical advances in electroacoustics which the creator of Oiseaux exotiques and the Catalogue d�oiseaux was never able to explore. Harvey started writing the piece when he was in California and says that indigo bunting, orchard oriole, golden crowned sparrow ... are some of the forty colourful Californian birds whose songs and cries sparked the ignition of this work. The bird sounds have been innovatively transformed to create a mesmeric dialogue between nature and art. Harvey sets the piano soloist the challenge of combining piano playing and triggering a sampler/synthesizer so that the live electronics can be realised in real-time performance.

Other works on this disc are Other Presences for trumpet and multi-loop effects, and two versions of the canonic Ricercare una melodia (1984) originally written for trumpet and quadraphonic tape-delay system, here performed on oboe and cello, with live electronics from Sound Intermedia.

The London Sinfonietta is one of the world�s elite contemporary music ensembles with a reputation built on the virtuosity of its performances and ambitious programming. It is committed to placing new music at the heart of contemporary culture and pushing boundaries; the ensemble regularly undertakes projects with choreographers, video artists, film-makers and collaborations with electronica artists, jazz and folk musicians.

The creation of new music has been at the core of the London Sinfonietta�s work since its foundation in 1968. It has commissioned or premiered over 200 works, ranging from Luciano Berio, Harrison Birtwistle and Steve Reich to the emerging composers involved in its Blue Touch Paper project � including Tansy Davies, Larry Goves and Anna Meredith � an innovative initiative which gives the opportunity to take risks and develop ideas without the pressure of a public performance
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