Metaphor tours China: Oct 30 - Nov 11 2013
30 October 2013

The Metaphor Trio (Paul Archibald, Shylock and Peter Hill) take existing Mozart works and reimagine them through the filter of Croydon Dubstep from the beginning of the last decade.
Taking direct influence from the Digital Mystikz and Tempa Records (headed by Benga), the Metaphor sound is dark, shuffling and bass orientated. For this tour, Metaphor will be reworking Mozart's Symphony no 29 and the 4th Horn Concerto in Eb, through 2 different methods.

Mozart's Symphony no 29 is one of his darkest symphonies, with majestic melodies orchestrated through lush strings. Shylock has taken various recordings of the work, filtered, stretched and distorted them to create atmospheric textures and off-kilter grooves reinforced by drums played by Pete. Paul's trumpet weaves through these, playing melodic fragments which directly references Mozart's music. The result is 45 minutes of beats indebted to South London's bass music scene, with glimpses of Eno-esque ambience.

One of Mozart's most memorable works, the Horn Concerto in Eb is a musical tour de force, requiring a great deal of virtuosity from the soloist. 20th Composers like Jonathan Harvey have developed the idea of using electronic manipulation to extend the sound palette of the instrumentalist. Using pitch shifting, looping and time stretching, Shylock takes sound live from Paul, and uses it to recontextualise Mozart's Melodies, transporting the material from 19th century Europe to FWD>> in East London, arguably the birth place of the Dubstep scene. As the trumpet sound mutates into tearing basslines and echoing atmospherics, audiences preconceptions of the Concerto tradition are dramatically altered.
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