Morning Brew RTHK Radio 3 Interview
10 January 2017

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Chris Moyse suitably dressed...

Phil Whelan
Morning Brew RTHK Radio 3 Interview with Chris Moyse and Phil Whelan
What a fun morning we had at the RTHK Hong Studios playing and talking on the Morning Brew RTHK Radio 3 chat show, a popular radio show hosted by the effervescent Phil Whelan.

Phil knows his stuff - a pro-trained clarinettist and an experienced chat show host he asked some probing questions about a range of topics around music performance and education.

Chris Moyse, co-principal trumpet with the Hong Kong Philharmonic, and I began the programme by playing a jolly arrangement of Teleman which was also broadcast via Facebook Live as well as through the radio airwaves. We then got down to the main business of the interview which has to talk about my trip to Hong Kong for English Brass Academy and the London Mozart Players.

Phil has a great way of keeping the interview relaxed and flowing but, at the same time, keeping the conversation focussed and meaningful. None of the usual 'who's your favourite composer' and 'have you met anybody famous' type questions.

If you'd like to watch the complete interview then click on the link below and I hope you enjoy the performance and the stimulating conversation. Thanks to both Phil and Chris for making the occasion so memorable.

Click here to watch Morning Brew RTHK Radio 3 interview
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