The Cold Light of Day
2 September 2011

The sound track for the latest Bruce Willis and Sigourney Weaver body count has been recorded at EMI Studios, Abbey Road, London
The score was written by a young, up-and-coming composer who made quite a name for himself whilst studying composition at Berklee by the name of Lucas Vidal

At only 27 years old, Lucas Vidal has quickly moved from Berklee to some of the world's most respected soundstages. He's already composing scores for Cold Light of Day (Bruce Willis, Segourney Weaver) and The Raven, directed by James McTeigue.

"At Berklee I was studying all the great classical composers while others were going out, but now I know I did the right thing," says Vidal. "I am still learning everyday and have so much left to learn. I just recorded at Abbey Road where the musicians were simply amazing."

Having a strong classical background has helped Vidal to understand orchestration, melodies, and counterpoint. After Berklee, he continued his studies with Richard Danielpour in New York and Bruce Broughton in LA. "I conduct all my music, most of the time, to punches and streamers instead of clicks," says Vidal. "I think it makes the music more 'musical' ". Streamers and punches are visual cues that help conductors and musicians synchronize their music and anticipate cues. This summer Vidal is collaborating with a rock band for an upcoming score. "That's what I love about film music," says Vidal, "each project is different and you just learn so much from it.

The orchestrations for The Cold Light of Day were made by Rick Giovinazzo, Larry Wrench and Peter Boyer and were recorded utilising a large orchestra in Studio 1, EMI Studios.

The brass section for the orchestra included:

Andrew Crowley and Paul Archibald (trumpets)
Laurence Rogers, Jeff Bryant, Pip Eastop and Jim Rattigan (horns)
Andy Wood, Ed Tarrant, Michael Hext (trombones)
Dave Vines (bass trombone)
David Powell (tuba)
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