Royal Overseas League Music Competition 2014
21 February 2014

It's a real treat to be invited back to assist in adjudicating the 2014 Music Competition for the Royal Overseas League.
The competition always attracts the very best of young talent both as soloists and ensemble players and the level of performance often belies the few years that many of these musicians have been performing.

The competition has four solo awards for Keyboard, Strings, Wind/Percussion and Singers, the winners of which compete for the Competition Gold Medal and First Prize. The solo awards are open to UK and Commonwealth citizens (including former Commonwealth countries), for instrumentalists and singers up to and including the age of 30 as at 8 May 2012.

There are also major awards for Ensembles: A strings, strings and piano, or piano duo/duet; B wind, percussion, vocal or mixed ensembles. At least half, or the majority of ensemble members must be UK and Commonwealth citizens (including former Commonwealth countries) up to and including the age of 30 as at 8 May 2012. The remaining ensemble members may be of any nationality.

The ROSL offers many performance opportunities to prizewinners after the competition at major venues such as the Wigmore Hall in London and has established a relationship with many leading UK festivals including Brighton, Dartington International Summer School, Kings Lynn and the Lake District Summer Music Festival. ROSL ARTS own series of chamber music concerts at Over�Seas House Edinburgh is a well established fixture of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Internationally during the past two years ROSL ARTS has organised concerts and tours for prizewinners in Australia, Canada, new Zealand, Singapore, Trinidad and Tobago and Zimbabwe.

With over �60,000 on prizes, the First Prize for solo performer and the two Ensemble Awards are �10,000 each.
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