South West Music School Residential Weekend 27th to 29th October 2013
27 October 2013

South West Music School is a music charity working with talented young instrumentalists, singers and composers aged 8-18yrs in the South West.
South West Music School (SWMS) provides students with the same standard of music education as specialist music schools and junior conservatoires. The additional benefit of SWMS is that it allows students to stay in their exisitng school and continue to take part in other current musical (and non-musical activities) in their local communities.

Instrumental and Vocal students can audition to join South West Music School from age 8-16yrs and can stay on the programme until they are 18yrs old. Successful students will spend the first year on the Feeder Scheme and then re-audition the following June to earn a place on the Core Programme. If unsuccessful, they will be reconsidered for a place on the Feeder Scheme.
If successfully accepted on the Core Programme they will be provided with an individual tutor and a mentor as well as being involved in residential projects, workshops and master-classes
South West Music School offers a new learning experience individually tailored to the student�s specific musical needs. Students learn and develop in their own planned time therefore enabling them to continue to participate, as much as possible, in their current musical life.
Students can stay on the Core Programme until they are 18 (subject to reaching agreed targets and annual re-assessment).

This residential weekend will explore the art of performance and working within an ensemble. How do you interact and communicate? How do you present your music to each and an audience? Students will be working with some of the country�s leading performers and workshops leaders and will explore these topics through notated and created music.
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