I've always enjoyed studio work with great musicians so I've included a live recording session! Debbie Wiseman wrote this for the Defence and National Rehabilitation Centre charity due to open in 2017 to provide state-of-the-art rehabilitation for injured service personnel. Debbie conducts the National Symphony Orchestra in one of the finest recording studios in the world, Air Lyndhurst in Hampstead, London.
Debbie Wiseman's SALUTE. Classic FM's tribute to the DNRC
It was a pleasure to talk to pro trombonist Ben Pelletier and perform with Cherry Tsang, piano, during my recent visit to Hong Kong. Cecelia McDowall's 'Nocturne in Blue and Gold' also provided a lovely usucal interlude during the show
An interview with Ben Pelletier on RTHK The Works in Hong Kong
I brought together the International Celebrity Trumpet Ensemble in 2006. Sponsored by Karl Schagerl some of the greatest names in the trumpet world are playing including Ryan Anthony, Maurice Murphy, Hans Gansch, Gabor Tarkļæ½vi, Florian Klingler, Rod Franks, Ian Balmain and Andy Crowley.
10 of the world's greatest trumpeters play Paul Archibald's Charpentier Fantastique. BC3005
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